Thames to Coromandel Coastal Road

Thames to Coromandel Coastal Road | Coromandel Views

We have been away for a short holiday to Taupo, its another beautiful destination in New Zealand. On our return home,  driving the Thames Coast  road to Coromandel Town the scenery was breath-taking, with the majority of the drive alongside the foreshore. I never tire of this road as it’s always different dependent on what Mother Nature decides to present on the day. 

Today is a winter’s afternoon at 3.30 pm and not a breath of wind to be seen. The Hauraki Gulf is like a lake, glistening with the afternoon sun beginning to colour the sky in ready for a beautiful sunset. The tide is half in and half out, gently lapping the crushed shell shoreline, wow this is beautiful. Throughout the drive home I am reminded how fortunate we are to live in such a stunning part of New Zealand. It’s a photographers dream, the nature lovers’ paradise and a fisherman’s heaven.

I mentioned - All I need now, is to see the Dolphins - To my delight Mother Nature agreed with that statement.  I’ve never seen so many Dolphins making their way up the coast. The huge pod would have stretched more than a kilometre in distance.  There were dozens and dozens of Dolphins playfully performing aerobatics, swimming in large numbers just cruising in the same direction as us.  
We stopped a few times to watch and try to capture that perfect image.  To me this experience is something special, my kind of bliss, makes me feel good and is a reminder that the Coromandel is simply stunning - what a welcome home. 

Posted by Nicole Waterhouse on July 01, 2019