New Chums Beach

New Chums Beach | Coromandel Views

It is definitely one of our favourite beaches to chill out and take a picnic. Sure you have all the other ‘classic must dos’ while you are here but this beach is where all the people are not.

To discover the beautiful Coromandel beach for yourself it will take a little effort on your part in getting there and in my opinion that’s part of the allure surrounding New Chums. With no paved pathway in site, it is a 20 minute walk - across the sand, through a small stream, over the foreshore of beach rocks, along the well-worn smooth dirt track among the ancient Pohutukawa then wander through the beautiful mature Nikau Palm grove where you capture peeps of New Chums as you emerge into another paradise.

Imagine a natural beach bathed in a dusting of pink hued sand created from decades of sea shells ground into specs of sand by the ocean. A beach fringed in ancient Pohutukawa providing you with shade from the sun and the ideal location to relax during your New Chums day with your picnic. See the Kereru fly overhead from the surrounding natural native bush and descend into the Pohutukawa. It’s Coromandel in so many ways.

You won’t find any houses at New Chums Beach, just you and nature, as it should be. Lonely Planet voted New Chums as one of the 10 most beautiful natural beaches in the world and until you go there you can only just imagine. We feel privileged to have such a special untouched beach on our door step, so remember everything you take into New Chums please take out and only leave your footprints.

Posted by Nicole Waterhouse on July 29, 2019