Coromandel Arts Tour - Open Studios X

Coromandel Arts Tour

Coromandel Township has a wealth of talented artists actively creating work in many medium.  The creative community holds the Annual Coromandel Arts Tour also known as Open Studios X and it is that time of year again.  Graeme and I had just moved to this quirky historical town 12 months ago and being lovers of all things artistic we were keen to wander the trail of 35 artists, visiting their studios over the first two weekends in October.  

Our morning began a little way out of town at Te Kouma where the artist's studio overlooks the beautiful bay. You never know what to expect as you approach an artists' domain, the excitement of discovering an art work that you fall in love with, the environment an artist finds inspiration from, their stories relating to a piece of work you admire.  The story draws you, the initial visual relationship deepens as you discover where, how and why this admired work was developed and the decision you are thinking - do I purchase.

Then after and hour or so has passed we leave as friends with a warm hug and  a smile ready to drop in and chat with the next artist.  This pattern continued all day, needless to say we didn't attend as many studios as we had expected, Graeme and just ran out of time.  I did purchase a special art work that weekend and had a wonderful time.  It was a privilege to  meet so many talented people willing to share their world.

I'm excited it is that time of year again.

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