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These beautiful Strawberries are picked each morning of your stay from our garden during the summer months and make up that luscious sweet component in our delicious fresh fruit salad. Graeme and I really enjoy working in our veggie garden and try to grow all the vegetables we need year round.

Our veggie scraps are all composted and organic, which the worm community love and thrive in. We have an abundance of birdlife here at Coromandel Views especially as we adjoin the forest. These beautiful creatures are finding our tender leafed vegetables and garden worms irresistible now that the cooler months are here.

Graeme has a plan to divert the birds from our garden with a couple of strategically placed bird feeders (which he has yet to build!). It’s a win, win solution, the birds will love us for thinking of them, the worms stay in the ground and our vegetables won’t be shredded.

Posted by Nicole Waterhouse on June 20, 2018